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Omelet Recipe'

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Owais Mughal

We proudly own a copy of Hafeez Inayatullah's famous book 'khaana pakaana' (cooking meals). At first we thought the book was written by a male author named Mr Hafeez who was breaking grounds in the field of culinary arts, but after reading the preface it dawned on us that author is infact a lady. She wrote the word 'raqma'(female writer) before her name and thats how we came to know that author is actually Ms Hafeez.

The book itself is great. It is an encyclopedia of recipes. There are 19 recipes of cooking chicken, 17 for rice dishes, 33 for 'qeema' (minced meat), 31 for regular meat, 26 for fish and the list goes on and on.

After the first edition of the book was published, a dejected single male complained to Ms Hafeez that her book doesn't tell him how to cook eggs. Ms Hafeez immediately paid heed to this important need of single population of the country and 2nd edition of the book now contains 11 priceless recipes on how to cook eggs. Below is an excerpt from the preface where Ms Hafeez explains the reasons of including egg recipes.
(1) Simple Omelet Number One:
To conserve space and to keep our readership's suspense intact I'll share with you only 2 out of 11 egg recipes. First one is titled: 'Simple Omelet Number One'. Points to be noted are underlined in Urdu text below. Ingredients include 2 big spoons full of oil besides the two eggs needed for the omelet. To beat the egg into omelet, author is instructing us to use a fork instead of a spoon. She has also used a word 'kaR-kaR-aayeN' which I've never heard in Urdu before. It means the oil needs to be heated until it starts sounding like 'kaR kaR aayeN aayeN' or just 'kaR kaR kaR kaR'. This is such a phoenitc invention of a word that I must say this book not only caters to ones stomach needs but also to linguistic thirst.
In the last line author gives us a choice to make this omelet in the shape of a fish by flip-flopping it continuously. Now this must be something special. I've never eaten an omelet shaped like a fish before. Enjoy :)

(2) Omelet Number Three:
The recipe' below is titled as 'Omelet Number Three'. Ingredients include a little bit of Soda, besides the 4 eggs needed for this type of omelet i.e. the Omelet number three.

Under recipe' instructions, the author asks us to 'Open the eggs'. Don't break them ok. Just carefully open them. Drain the egg white into a plate but make sure to keep the yolk inside the opened eggs. Now beat the egg-white so much that it turns into an unsettling foam. Make sure the foam is permanent and does not settle down. It should retain its foam texture even after the beating is stopped. Now add Soda (the one that is suitable to eat. none other please) to it and blah blah blah. The word 'kaR-kaR-aayeN' is used in this recipe' also.
The last couple of lines instruct us to try to make this omelet round as a ball and use low heat. As the heat will start going into the egg it will start getting rounder and rounder. If you want you can make 2 separate round omeletes by repeating the same recipe' 2 times. The last line reads that the resulting omelet will look very beautiful. Enjoy :)

Please feel free to share with us anyother great egg recipes that you may know. The End
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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Monday, January 09, 2012,


At 10:59, Anonymous Marz said...

Pardon me for asking, but what are the blue and red underlined passages in the pictures within this entry? I assume this is supposed to correspond to what is written in the entry? If so, what do the red and the blue mean, if they have any meaning at all?

I apologize if this is a stupid question. I find that script very beautiful (even though I do not understand it). I would like to learn more.

At 11:35, Blogger Alina said...

Wow, this lady took omlet to cooking art. What happened to the 2 minutes simpel omlet. :) Kidding, just enjoyed seeing so much determination put into making amazing dishes out of something quite simple.

At 05:11, Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Janaab Shirazi Saaheb,

You say that 11 egg-based recipes have been presented in the book.

Here you have written only about two of those.

I wonder if these two are your favourite ones.

Or are the readers meant to buy the book to be able to lift the suspense?


At 06:12, Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

I beg your pardon!

The previous comment should have been addressed to Owais.

At 07:01, Blogger Owais Mughal said...

Dear Marz
i had underlined the funnier text in red-blue to highlight it. The English portion includes the translation of this underlined text. There is no signinficance of red or blue, just to point to separate sentences.

The language written is 'Urdu', and it uses Arabic/Persian script. The font used here is. called 'nastaleeq'.

At 07:04, Blogger Owais Mughal said...

Siddhu Saheb
The book is full of unintentional funny recipes'. I just chose two that were easy to post here. 11 egg would've taken a lot of space :)

At 07:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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