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Hajj and Eid Greetings to All

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Adil Najam

Congratulations for the over 2 million Muslims - including the nearly 200,000 Pakistanis - who performed Hajj yesterday.

To me, the Hajj is an amazing and powerful symbol of equality and unity in a world distraught with frictions and factions.

It is not just a symbol of 'Muslim brotherhood' but of human oneness. It is not simply a connection - in its rituals and its meanings - amongst the Abrahamic faiths; it is also a spiritually moving and visually powerful symbol of the unity of all humankind. There are those who wish to reduce the meaning of the message to merely one religion, or even one sect. I, at least, have always found it a more universal message and moved by the symbolism of unity and harmony of all.

On this day, even as one reads comments on blogs such as this, reads the newspaper, or simply tunes into television news, one finds conversations that highlight differences: between rich and poor, East and West, 'gooras' and 'kaalas', between shias and sunnis, between ethnicities, between sects, between races, between political parties, between 'liberals' and 'mullahs', between 'us' and 'them'.

It seems that everywhere and always we are not just divided but we take pride in our divisions. Our language, our vocabulary, our thought processes are geared to highlight our differences with others. We take a perverse pride in these differences, whether we consider ourselves to be 'superior' to others or we believe ourselves to be victims of differentiation.

Today, as I see pictures of Hajj I am moved - as I always am - by the sea of humanity and the oneness of that humanity. Today, on what is Eid day for me here in Boston, I pray that the message we take is one of humility; that the feeling we have are of universal humanity and fraternity, and the vows we make are of peace and goodwill for all and everywhere.

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Sunday, January 08, 2012,


At 09:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wishing blessings and peace to all.

At 12:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy eid and happy new year to you and your family !

At 21:59, Anonymous irving said...

Eid Mubarak dear Brother :) And Happy New Year!

You are so right about the divisions people enjoy feeling superior about. May Allah grant us all the wisdom to see our common humanity, the real kinship of all human beings, instead of the false divisions of language, color, race, religion, tribe sect, ethnicity, gender, status and other such stupidities.

Ya Haqq!

At 05:17, Blogger chosha said...

"It is not just a symbol of 'Muslim brotherhood' but of human oneness. It is not simply a is also a spiritually moving and visually powerful symbol of the unity of all humankind."

Um, what?! Not being familiar with the term, I just googled 'hajj' and found that it is the pilgramage to Mecca. Mecca. The city I cannot enter because I am not Muslim. Me entering this city is in fact punishable by death. Unity of all humankind - have you lost your mind? I'm having trouble thinking of a greater symbol of exclusion.

At 07:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Asalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

Eid Mubarak to you, too. Insha'Allah, you and your family are having a nice time celebrating this Eid.

I think I commentated on your post already on ATP.

Was Salam

At 03:04, Blogger David Stoker said...

Came across your post doing a little research. I think the symbolism of the Hajj is beautiful. I am always moved by the images of such a large gathering of devotees moving in unity. I wish you all a wonderful celebration.

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At 16:15, Anonymous Umra said...

Eid and Hajj together symbolize the Islamic virtues of peace and goodwill to all men.

At 23:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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