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As per good blogging practice, I have always been exploring blogsphere. By doing this not only I come across some good and useful blogs but also meet people who are who are working on purpose and with goals. People with direction.

Lately, I discovered very aptly named blog Borderline Green. I was amazed to see the listed goals; to explore the history of our region and our people with an independent mindset, to reflect on our social issues, their causes, effects and possible solutions, to engage in an active dialog on politics – both national and international, to provide a diversity of opinions on matters of social interest, to share ideas for improvement, to celebrate our rich culture and unique people and quite a lot in between.

I so far know only one chartered accountant Mubeshir Kazmi who blogs. I am pleasantly surprised to see people (Anie Onaiza, Binte, Munershra, Murtaza and Nauman are based in Saudi, UK and Pakistan) behind this blog are mostly chartered accountants. And I can say by experience that economists and account people have incisive observation and grasp the issue relating political economy better than all of us. That is what they are doing. Explore Borderline Green and see for yourself. Better still, like minded observers are invited to contribute and play their part in bringing a required change.

Well done Anie Onaiza, Binte, Munershra, Murtaza and Nauman and keep it up. Your work matters.


posted by S A J Shirazi @ Monday, December 27, 2010,


At 14:30, Anonymous Iffat Chaudhry said...

I used to read Anie Onaiza's blogs often and would only say that the sensitivity index and analytical skill levels are much higher in Chartered Accountants as compare to other professionals. They observe, probe and analyze the matter deeply before expressing any opinion. At least, there must be someone who can present a fair and true view of the incidence.
Good Work Anie and keep it up……

At 17:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish they have more economic tilt instead of political and social/

At 07:04, Blogger jalalHB said...

Looks like a good blog. I read some part of it and found it interesting and informative.


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