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Let me start this with a confession: I have a very healthy appetite and I love nicely cooked food. I have a little experience of cooking though. Nevertheless, memories of one of my cooking adventure will always remain with me.

It was during our exercise in School of Infantry and Tactics. We were a syndicate of four. As a part of survival training, we were issue dry ration (pulses, condiments, floor, and vegetable oil and more) before the start and we were required to cook for ourselves for three days. First day we lived on cooked items (fruit, cookies and chips) we were carrying in our rucksacks. On second day we had no choice and when everyone starting have hunger cramps, we decided to cook. 

That is how it started; we collected the firewood, put the fry pan (part of our rucksack) on fire, and as a syndicate solution (by all four) put vegetable oil in it. Someone suggested adding everything else in the pan. We did that. It would have been Ok but Khalid – better cook among us - suggested that instead of making bread (rooti), let us add wheat floor as well. And we did exactly that. Result: the fry pan got filled and we could not even poke a fork in the mixture that we getting harder and harder with every passing moment. Thinking quickly, amidst different advices, we removed the fry pan from fire and has a closer look at what we had prepared.

It looked like a burnt cake. It had a taste of salt, chilies and of uncooked wheat floor. Bottom line is that we survived on our half backed cake for the rest of two days in difficult terrain of Baluchistan.Other than that, my best foodie experiences has been up to visiting Food Street, that was capital of Pakistan food sometime back. 

I was reminded of this cooking experience when I saw a new blog by Yaseer Ali, the Director Institute of Hotel and Restaurant Management, University of Gujrat, being born. This blog will display a lot for those who cherish culinary delights for professionals as well as for those who only keep asking what's cooking. What little I know of Yaseer and his background, he is a very innovative and has a lot of drive.

I wish Institute of Hotel and Restaurant Management, students and Yaseer Ali a great success. I am sure the Institute will go a long way in hotel and hospitality industry and, in the longer run, will boost local as well as tourism.


posted by S A J Shirazi @ Tuesday, March 29, 2011,


At 11:58, Blogger jalalHB said...

Hmm - how are cooking these days?

At 12:24, Blogger S A J Shirazi said...

Thanks JalalHB. You know it :-)

I have perfected my techniques to make an omelet, Doodh Patti. I also can cut lady fingers and peel a potato.

At 15:03, Anonymous R said...

I know what you can cook and how? I know fully well ;-)

At 15:04, Blogger S A J Shirazi said...

No you don't. So much have changed.

At 19:57, Anonymous maleeha khan said...

hahahha :) wish u the good luck for ur cooking.


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